Rudolf Hehn, MD

Quotation Mark

When I came here in 1984 the only computer in the hospital was in the financial office. Charts were all paper. The ER had only 5 rooms. MRI, scanning bar codes before administering medication, the cath lab and IMCU did not exist. Ultrasound and CT scanning were new technologies with coarse, grainy images. The only “tower” was on the west wing, and it had five floors, not six. AIDS did not have a name yet, and over half the drugs I prescribe today did not exist.

I admitted my first patient to Archbold in August 1984, shortly after joining Thomasville Family Medicine Center.  In 1991 Archbold opened the Inpatient Rehabilitation Program and I was their attending physician for the first year.  In 2005 I took the position of coordinator for the new FSU-AMH medical student program.  In 2006 I became program director for the new hospitalist group, which has grown from 3 to 14 doctors in just nine years. I now serve as the Chief Medical Information Officer and Clinical Quality Liaison for the health system.

A lot has changed since I came to Archbold 30 years ago. Since I’ve been here, our medical staff has tripled in size and is much more diverse, but we still know and trust each other. The buildings, technology and business environment have changed a lot over the years, but Archbold has always had a strong medical staff and overall competent and compassionate team that truly put our patients' needs first.