William Ellis, MD

Quotation Mark

Archbold has been my professional home for more than 30 years, and I've watched Archbold grow into an amazing regional health system. During my time at Archbold, our cardiology program has grown from a single treadmill and M-mode echocardiogram machine to a multi-faceted cardiac program with extensive outreach. Archbold has dramatically developed other specialties, too, such as hematology and oncology. Archbold's partnership over the last decade with The Florida State University College of Medicine is an example of Archbold's commitment to educating future physicians. The medical students training at Archbold today will carry on the legacy of the highly skilled medical staff that we're fortunate to have had in our community for so many years. 

Archbold leadership has remained focused on ensuring our community has access to the very best healthcare we can possibly provide. Enlightened community leaders, dedicated hospital administration and innovative physician leaders have made Archbold the special facility that we have today.