Guy Ellis, R.Ph.

Quotation Mark

I started working at Archbold as a staff pharmacist in 1973, and later became the assistant director of pharmacy. Over the 42 years I’ve worked here, I’ve worked at every Archbold hospital in the system, and even with our homecare division, Archbold Health Services.

I could write a book on all the changes I’ve seen at Archbold over the years. 

Some of the bigger changes I remember, specifically in the pharmacy include:

  • The pharmacy used to only offer 12 hour coverage, but over the years has transitioned to 24 hour coverage for our patients. When I first started at Archbold we had 3 staff pharmacists. Now we have 16.
  • When I first started working as a pharmacist, IV fluids were packaged in glass bottles, not the IV bags we’re accustomed to now.
  • The pharmacy used to be responsible for just entering medications on the patient profile and verifying the accuracy of the medication cart fills. We now calculate doses of medications for patients, regulate their Coumadin dosing and adjust doses of renally excreted medications. The pharmacy department is much more involved in direct patient care than we were many years ago.
  • Although we did have an electric typewriter, everything was done manually. We didn’t have laptops or desktops, and we certainly didn’t have cellphones.

Through the years, we've added new service lines and facilities, but Archbold is so much more than just a building. We’re a dedicated team of healthcare professionals that work together to provide our patients the very best care possible.

Working at Archbold means more to me than just having a paying job—I get to help people who are sick get better, and that’s very rewarding. That's the reason I've chosen to work at Archbold for so many years.