Singletary Oncology Center Hosts Welcome Reception for New Medical Oncologists

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Singletary Oncology Center Hosts Welcome Reception for New Medical Oncologists

Sunday, September 16, 2012

This summer, Archbold welcomed four new medical oncologists to the hospital’s medical staff and the Singletary Oncology Center. This Tuesday the public will have the opportunity to meet them in person.

Teresa Coleman, MD; Amanda May, MD; Penny Heinrich, MD, and Taren Ohman, MD joined medical oncologist Brian Gaupp, MD, and radiation oncologists Steven Johnson, MD, and David Saunders, MD, at the Singletary Oncology Center, an oncology program now in its 24th year of operation.

“The four new physicians bring experience from academic settings, and they are committed to research and delivering cancer treatment in our community in a compassionate fashion,” said Brian Gaupp, MD, PhD. "They are a fine addition to our center."

The new physicians bring extraordinary depth in their combined experiences in treating cancer, each with their own unique area of interest within the specialty.

New medical oncologist Taren Ohman, MD, said, “As a medical oncologist I have the opportunity to contribute to a community. Thomasville has exceeded my expectations for hospitality and sense of community since my very first visit. These two things are very important to me.”

Ohman is fellowship trained in medical oncology and comes to Archbold from the University of Florida Health Science Center in Jacksonville. She has a special interest in treating patients with lymphoma.

Teresa Coleman, MD, comes to Archbold from the Medical College of Georgia where served as Fellowship Program Director in the Department of Hematology and Oncology. She is board certified in hematology, oncology and internal medicine and has 20 years oncology experience in private and academic settings.

“The residents at MCG always spoke very highly of their experiences at Archbold and in Thomasville,” said Coleman. “But, what really got me was when I had a patient originally from Thomasville who would tell me wonderful stories of his hometown. After hearing these stories for over a year, I had to check it out. This patient was so very special to me, and I wanted to see the place that made this young man the most amazing human that he was. After living here for only a few weeks, I got it!”

Coleman has a special interest in caring for patients with prostate and kidney cancer, and she will lead the clinical trials initiatives for the Singletary Oncology Center.

“My devotion to clinical treatment trials stems from patient outcome studies that have proven over the years that patients who participate in treatment trials have better clinical outcomes,” said Coleman. “Our oncology team looks forward to implementing more treatment trials at the Singletary Oncology Center, which will provide our patients even more treatment options close to home.”

Penny Heinrich, MD, joins the team with a special interest in gastrointestinal and breast cancer, the most common cancer seen at the Center last year.

“The Singletary Oncology Center is a state-of-the-art facility with advanced technology and very well-trained physicians who offer innovative treatment options,” said Heinrich. “Patients can feel confident they have the most advanced technology available to them right here in Thomasville.”

Heinrich trained at Louisiana State University where she completed a residency in internal medicine and a fellowship in hematology and oncology.

Amanda May, MD, practiced medical oncology at the Medical College of Georgia where she served with Dr. Coleman in the Department of Hematology and Oncology as an Assistant Professor of Medicine. 

May has 12 years experience in medical oncology with extensive experience in private and academic medical settings. She is board certified in internal medicine and medical oncology.

May has a special interest in treating patients with melanoma and lung cancer.

“There is a lot of research to do in these areas, and a lot of compassion is needed for these patients and their families,” said May. “It’s not just one aspect of oncology that I enjoy. The science behind what we do, the need for compassion and the excellent model for patient and family-centered care—it’s all very important to me.”

Radiation oncologist Steven Johnson, MD, said the new doctors bring a strong research capability, spirit of cooperation and new energy to a cancer program that already enjoys a favorable reputation in the region as a whole.

“We are known for innovation and efficiency in diagnosis and therapeutic options that we can offer,” said Johnson. “Each of our new physicians has an area of expertise that augments our current practices and depth of our skill.”

Radiation oncologist David Saunders, MD, added, “With a combination of experience in clinical and academic medical oncology, as well as training in the most contemporary treatment modalities at well-respected academic institutions, the new team of medical oncologists brings their own unique therapeutic perspectives which may prove invaluable in treating various types of cancer at Archbold.”

On Tuesday, September 18, 2012, the community is invited to meet the new physicians and enjoy refreshments at a welcome reception at the Singletary Oncology Center from 4pm until 6pm.

For more information, call (229) 584-5400.