Mitchell Convalescent Center Recognized for Excellent Service

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Mitchell Convalescent Center Recognized for Excellent Service

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

A commitment to customer service demonstrates the level of pride and passion the staff of a facility puts into their work.

In nursing homes, this commitment is noticed by the residents and their families, and is a key factor in whether they will recommend the facility to others. One way to measure the quality of that commitment is through recognition by independent organizations.

Recently, Archbold’s Mitchell Convalescent Center received an Excellence in Action Award from the National Research Corporation (NRC). The facility was recognized among the top 10% in both patient and provider satisfaction and was one of 610 nursing homes recognized, out of 5,000 facilities that applied.

“Mitchell Convalescent Center prides itself in serving our residents and the community first,” said Mark Kimball, administrator of Mitchell County Hospital and Mitchell Convalescent Center. “It’s an honor to be recognized for the exceptional job our employees perform.”

The Center uses NRC’s customer service tool to improve the quality of care provided to their residents. Surveys taken at various points of a resident’s stay are analyzed, and the results are provided to staff for feedback on performance.

“Award recipients were first recognized by their own residents and employees through excellent satisfaction survey scores,” said Susan L. Henricks, president and Chief Operating Officer of the NRC. “We salute Mitchell Convalescent Center for taking the initiative to measure quality.”

The Excellence in Action Award shows the high level of care available to residents of Mitchell County.

“Our commitment to serving our community is taken very seriously,” stated Kimball. “This award demonstrates that we are continuing to set the bar high in patient care.”