Grady General Hospital Hosting Active Shooter Drill December 17

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Grady General Hospital Hosting Active Shooter Drill December 17

Friday, December 6, 2013

On Tuesday, December 17, at 9:00am, Grady General Hospital will hold an “active shooter” drill, during which hospital staff will simulate a response to an overhead announcement of Code Silver.

Code Silver is Archbold’s newly identified, non-clinical emergency code used to alert staff and visitors of an active shooter, anyone engaged in trying to kill others with any type of weapon, on the hospital campus.

“It’s extremely important that our staff knows how to respond in real emergency situations and during a crisis or disaster that could affect the safety and well-being of our patients, visitors and employees,” said Chuck Winchester, Archbold’s emergency management coordinator. 

Archbold facilities frequently hold drills to remind staff how to respond to internal emergencies or disasters such as fire, extreme weather and infant or child abduction. In addition, Archbold routinely partners with local law enforcement and first responders to simulate external events such as chemical spills and mass casualty events that, in real life, would result in enacting the activation of a county-wide emergency management plan.

“It’s very important that we evaluate our policies and test our procedures to ensure the safety of our staff, patients and community,” said GGH emergency management coordinator Nellie Kifer. “Our team is working with local law enforcement and city and county officials in preparation for the upcoming Code Silver exercise. We’ve developed a joint plan that we’ll implement during the exercise to test the policies and procedures we’ve discussed and put in place for this type event.”

The drill will take place in the hospital’s medical/surgical area. The scenario will involve a staged visitor becoming hostile, escalating to the point of simulated gun shots being fired. Law enforcement and first responders will respond to the hospitals call to E-911, arriving on the scene to assess and control the simulated situation.

“We want to stress to the community that this is only a drill,” said Winchester. “Grady County Hospital and local law enforcement will be in full control of the simulation.”

For more information on the upcoming Code Silver drill at GGH, please call Nellie Kifer, 229-377-0441.