Archbold's New Emergency Department Opens

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Archbold's New Emergency Department Opens

Tuesday, April 23, 2012

The first phase of the opening of Archbold Memorial Hospital’s new North Tower will take place Tuesday, April 23, as the hospital’s new state-of-the-art emergency department (ED) will open to treat patients.   Starting Tuesday, patients seeking emergency medical care at Archbold will be treated in the new ED, located in the hospital’s new North Tower.

 “We have a very detailed plan in place to execute the moving of the department,” said Kelli Vaughn, ED director at Archbold. “To prepare for the transition, our staff has practiced multiple scenarios—all of which have our patients’ best interest in mind.”   

Visitors are reminded that the ED transition is the first phase of the hospital’s move of key patient areas to the North Tower.

About the Emergency Department

The newly constructed emergency department is four times the size of the former ED, and rivals the finest emergency departments in the nation for patient comfort, efficiency and service.  The department is oriented such that patient exam rooms—all with glass doors and curtains for privacy—are visible from a nursing station for optimal observation and patient monitoring.

The department is organized into separate areas: a fast track area for patients with minor problems; an area for patients with more serious problems; and a trauma area for patients who might need life-saving treatment.

Several rooms can be used for observation or longer stays of eight to 24 hours. In addition, there are exam rooms designated as isolation rooms with an independent air-control system. The department also includes separate exam rooms for patients who may be a danger to self or others because of mental health issues or drug and alcohol problems.


What You Need To Know About Accessing Archbold's New Emergency Department

Entering the Emergency Department


  • Walk-in or drop-off patients and guests enter through a covered entrance with red EMERGENCY lettering on the building, located on the Mimosa Drive side of the hospital.
  • The drive with multiple parking spots under the side of the building along Mimosa Drive is for AMBULANCE patient drop-off ONLY.


Parking for the Emergency Department


  • Emergency department parking is available by driving through the Emergency walk-in/drop-off covered entrance.