Archbold's Economic Impact Exceeds $646 Million

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Archbold’s Economic Impact Exceeds $646 Million

Saturday, August 25, 2012

A hospital like Archbold is an obvious asset to our region, providing convenient access to a broad spectrum of essential healthcare services—emergency and trauma care, primary care, oncology services, surgery, hospice and homecare and state-of-the-art imaging technology.

While valued primarily for these important healing and wellness services, Archbold’s commitment also extends well beyond the hospital’s walls and into the community through outreach and wellness programs.

But, Archbold is essential in another way—as a regional economic engine—and ranks among the largest employers in our community and region as a whole.

The Georgia Hospital Association recently released its 2010 Economic Impact Report, which quantifies the impact of Archbold in the community. Using the U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis methodology, the report showed Archbold Medical Center’s regional economic impact was nearly $646 million, including the creation or sustainment of 5,242 full-time jobs.

“Archbold is an economic engine not only because of the jobs we provide, but because convenient access to healthcare is necessary for public confidence and the safety of our community,” said Perry Mustian, Archbold CEO. “The innovations of modern medicine and technology make life better for all of us, but it’s our employees—the doctors, nurses and support staff—who provide the human touch that reassure families. Our community is important to us, and we strive to make it a healthy place for people to live and work, as well as for businesses to thrive.”

While flagship hospital Archbold Memorial had an estimated impact over $450 million, other entities within the Archbold healthcare system provided significant impact as well. Brooks County Hospital, Grady General Hospital, Mitchell County Hospital and Mitchell Convalescent Center, Pelham-Parkway Nursing Home and the Archbold Medical Group are enormously important to the regional economy, collectively providing over $138 million impact to the region. Archbold Health Services, including Archbold Home Health and Hospice of Southwest Georgia, provided over $26 million more.

Archbold’s economic impact is clear—the people they directly employ buy goods and services locally. And, Archbold is dedicated to contributing in the same fashion. 

 “Our hospital not only provides jobs, we create and sustain jobs by purchasing goods and services from other businesses,” said Mustian. “We purchase items every day that are essential for us to continue delivering high-quality care. Just as the earnings of our employees flow through the local economy, so is the flow of funds that we spend with vendors. It’s a ripple effect through the local economy.”

Archbold’s North Tower construction project is a recent high-profile example of the hospital’s commitment to spend dollars locally.

On the North Tower project alone, Archbold spent over $50.9 million (70% of the total construction budget) with vendors from within 100 miles of Thomasville. Steel for the eight-story structure was purchased locally from Cives Steel, and boilers for the project were purchased locally from Cleaver Brooks.

Though Archbold contributes greatly by generating economic activity in our region, the hospital’s primary focus remains to meet the healthcare needs in South Georgia and North Florida.

“As a not-for-profit hospital, a very important part of our work is to serve those who don’t always have access to care because of financial or transportation barriers,” said Mustian.

In 2010, Archbold provided over $44 million in cost for free or reduced-fee care, free health screenings, support of health careers education and other community support.

“Archbold remains committed to addressing the key health issues in our community,” said Mustian. “First and foremost, we are dedicated to improving the health of our community.”