Archbold Launches ArchHIE Patient Portal

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Archbold Launches ArchHIE Patient Portal

Friday, April 11, 2014

For patients across the Archbold health system, access to personal medical information is now at your fingertips.

The hospital recently launched an online patient portal, ArchHIE—a convenient and secure tool that offers patients instant access to their personal health information.

“It’s important for patients to be informed,” said Dee Dee Snow, Archbold information systems security officer. “ArchHIE is a tool that empowers our patients to securely manage their healthcare online and to have convenient access to important medical information that allows them to make informed healthcare decisions.”

Using a secure and encrypted website, ArchHIE provides patients over age 18 with information on recent hospital visits. With a secure password, patients can log into the ArchHIE Patient Portal anytime using a computer, tablet or mobile device to see select laboratory and radiology results and summaries of hospital visits dating back to March 2013. Patients may view, download and transmit lab results, with the exception of pathology reports (medical interpretations of tissue removed in surgery, Pap smears, etc.), as well as results related to HIV, drug and alcohol use, hepatitis, communicable diseases and other sensitive tests that should be discussed with a physician. Basic radiology films (X-rays) are also available. More extensive radiology diagnostics such as CT and MRI are limited at this time.

Patient health education materials are also available in ArchHIE, as well as a tool to request a copy of your medical records remotely, a convenient alternative to visiting the hospital to retrieve such information.

Patients who are admitted to any Archbold hospital—Archbold Memorial Hospital, Brooks County Hospital, Grady General Hospital and Mitchell County Hospital—will receive an email shortly after their visit with information on how to enroll in the ArchHIE Patient Portal. If you have not been an Archbold patient recently, or if Archbold doesn’t have your current email address on file, you can still request access to ArchHIE by visiting and clicking on the patient portal link, located directly below the ArchHIE logo.

“We also encourage all our patients to use ArchHIE to help prepare for visits with your physicians and healthcare providers,” said Amy Griffin, vice president of patient care services at Archbold. “Through ArchHIE, patients have secure access to lab and radiology results that can be useful when meeting with their physician. By reviewing results from ArchHIE, patients will have the information needed in advance to prepare a list of questions and discuss the findings and any concerns with their physician during the next appointment.”